Crew Gagneed again but stil win.

Hola Mr. Melvin.  Obviously you are the man but check out this idea.  Put Eric Gagne on Ebay.  Put the opening bid at a dollar.  Hell I think you can even trade junk on ebay.  Get a paper clip or something for him so you do not feel like you have been ripped off.  He seems like a nice guy.  So this isn’t to be mean but he can’t do it.  Look at him on the mound.  He can’t do it.  There is no return policy on broken closers so get a paper clip and move on. 


Hi hi hi.  Three to Two in Ten innings.  Record is 6 – 1.  Sweet.


Dave Bush is pitching.  He isnt great but lets say this.  Josh Fogg is no Dave Bush.  We have the pitching advantage and a better line up so we will win again tonight.  Cool.  This is good.


Hey check this out as well.  I still prefer Gagne traded for a paper clip and the 10 mil off the books at years end then 46 mil for F. Cordero and having him for 4 years.  He will blow his share and that will someday be a nightmare who will not go away.  So now I feel better about the deal.  Thank You Mr. Melvin.  Seriously.


Arnold Swartinegger (whatever) has nothining on me.  I will also be back. <—-that is retarded.

Game 6 Reds

Hi when I read that S. I. said Cinninnatti would place 2nd ahead of Milwaukee I decided that Sports I. was a little dumb.  After considering there line up I still believe they are dumb.  There starting pitching may be a little better than I originally thought but I  believe they still stink.  I’d like to say something good about them though.  Hmmmmm….let me see….ummmmm well ahhhhhh… least they are not the cubs.

The Cinncinnatti Reds are actually short for the Cinncinnatti Redlegs which was derived from the original Cinncinnattie redstockings.  So they are named after red socks.  Lets see Red socks Red Stockings….White Sox……My freaking gosh can we be a little more creative.  Lets take a swing at it.  How about the Cincinnati loose leaf paper.  As we all know from the Drew Cary show that Cleveland Rocks.  I imagine there is a Cleveland/Cincinnati rivalry and paper beats rock.  Chicago White Socks…..hmmmm lets see.  Well lets see…..Lets call them the “Chicago 1985 Bears” because we all know that the 1985 Bears are the only thing people from Chicago ever want to talk about even though it happened TWENTY THREE FREAKING YEARS AGO  And the Boston Red Sox should become the Boston Red Cars.because it is very funny to hear Bostonites say car. 


Brewers are up 1- 0 BTW.


Godzilla,King Kong and Ben Sheets

In no particular order those 3 dudes are scarry.  The brewers go to 5-1 on the strength of a Sheets complete game shutout.  That is as good as I have seen him.  He is locked in.


Going into the year I thought the Brewers were good. Hanging out with your buddies on a warm afternoon cooking out good.  Go to the playoffs a win a game of two good.  Maybe they are that good.  But they also might be hanging out with your buddies on a warm afternoon cooking out and lots of naked chicks show up with chocolate and beer good.  Go to the playoffs and compete for the Championship.


Day off tommorrow.  Then bring on the S.I. predicted 2nd place finish ahead of the crew Cinncinnatti Reds.  Eff U S.I.



Victory Crew

Game 5 Brewers win 5 – 4.  This was a good game.  The stellar early season defense was gone for a day……other than than things are good.  Gotta Love the way Parra pitched.  The apparent improvement in this years team are tremendous.  We have a sweet bench and I am so happy with the bullpen.  Gagne looked like he belonged finally.  The interview with him on FSN gave me added confidence in him.  He will be OK.


I like him but…..When Gallardo comes back can Bush please check into the middle relief motel.  Please?


Dillon, Kapler, Gross, Gwynn Jr and I can’t believe I am saying this maybe Counseel would start on the 1998 Brewers squad.  I am very happy.  Yo Mr. Melvin  have I said thank you lately?.

The San Francisco Who?

The game is fittin to start.  Hello.  There are four Giants starting that I have ever heard of. And I follow baseball.  None of them are particularily good.  This is exactly the type of game the old Brewers lose.  I am excited to see how young Manny Parra chucks it.  What Ricky has been doing is sweet. This run scoring streak is impressive.  BTW.  I hate the CUBS.  Gross and CounselL are starting in center and at ss. I’m playing poker and watching the crew. Sweet.


Play Ball. 685 PEOPLE IN MY TOURNAMENT  Manny goes 123 easily.  I like him he is good.  Gabe Gross is a valuable bench guy  I wonder who will be the most valuable Gabe?  M.V.G.

Counsell just little leagued a routine play right into the dugout.  From him…..not acceptable.

493 left not do too well. 

hmmmmm gotta go



The man is back

Hello……. game 4 ’08 M.V.P. Bill Hall06.  Bill Hall06 I missed you.  I have dreamed about you.  There has been wonder in my mine in regard to you.  Tommorrow’s paper will include things like Bill Hall can hit again because he is back at third.  To that I say blah blah blah and welcome back.  I will be on the lookout for the “all Bill Hall does is win games” T-shirts.


If Bill Hall06 is a reality in this line up…..well then MR. Melvin has accomplished something.  One through seven might be amazing.



Post Game

So the Cubs beat the Brewers 6 – 2  avoiding the opening series sweep.  Honestly I called my little brother pre-game and told him Dempster was garbage and was going to get destroyed.  Well….he looked really good and Dave Bush looked very ordinary.  Not I’m gonna start crying he ***** it bad.  Rather he is what we knew he is.  A guy who doesn’t donk out after an inning.  A guy who will be there every 5 and win roughly half.  He will beat the junk and lose to the good…..fine.  He lined up third but he is our 5th best starter.  You can do worse.


Today’s game was a little disapponting and a bit boring.  However it was so much better than the very best Carrot Top Comedy Show…or anything Billy Ray Cyrus has done.   Better than deer hunting or ping pong or Reality T.V. and Kareoke.


Tommorrow is opening day at Miller Park.  The Giants are not good. Team talent is weak and there average steroid intake per player index is way down.  That piece of crap Barry Bonds is gone.  Baseball is good.